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Booster Club Meeting 11/16/16

Shed - $100 still due, they also need to do something with the door. Jill will stay in contact with them, but has told them we aren’t paying until the door part is done.

Do we want to, and can we, reconfigure the board from President, VP, Fundraising, Secretary and Treasurer to various “Chairs”?

We need see if we can find a copy of the bylaws or just change how we do things .

Board Members for 2017 season –

Jenny Klausing – am willing to be president or copresident

Kerry Wittwer – not at the meeting, but willing to continue as treasurer

Nicole Dunham – would like to step down from VP and concentrate on Spiritwear

Gina Rosesener – willing to take on fundraising  (will meet with Jen Gaber separately to go over everything)

Chris Chismar – willing to be VP

Cara Hochevar – not at the meeting

We discussed the desire going forward to lower the Booster fees – new Board members will start the budget process in January.

We decided on selling remaining water bottles for $15 each and ordering more to sell at the Concession Stand next year.

Jenny will go to the Senior Awards Night in May to present the scholarship check to Madi.

Jill will find out process for adding/changing access for updating our Facebook page.

CHOP event – Jill has last year’s decorations. Kerry has been organizing/planning  for this year.

Jenny will order the names for the All-Conference Banners for this year and last year.

Jill will put the centerpieces that we used for the banquet in the shed.

Jenny will contact the treasurer for basketball about possibly buying the left over soda from us.